Metal Mural   |   Capture the image, keep their attention. All for only $98.

See your art on a 24"x36" metal mural, get an extra 12" square and free shipping* just to sweeten the deal, for only $98. Always included with your metal mural is your wall mounting hardware (metal rod, c-hooks for connecting your tiles and hardware to mount to your wall). Feeling a little more creative? Buy the deal twice and make a 36"x48" mural. Offer expires Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Take advantage of the Scott Kelby - Weekend Killer Deal that has been extended till Tuesday, December 06, 2022. For your convenience order(s) can be submitted online or over the phone at 800 394 2090 ext 7604. You can also email us with any additional questions at

$5.00                                                          quantity

Terms & Conditions

*Redemption instructions will be emailed to you 48 hours of the deal closing by Metal Mural.
*Each voucher is for purchase of 6 Metal Mural 12x12 inch squares.
*You may combine vouchers to create a larger mural.
*You can purchase up to 16 vouchers (96 squares)
*Each Voucher expires one year from deal close.
*Free US Shipping of one mural is included with each voucher.
*Product available worldwide for additional shipping fee.

Deal Highlights

*You get 6 Metal Mural squares (12" each). That's a beautiful 24x36" mural for $98.
*Buy the deal twice and make a huge 36x48" mural of 12 squares.
*Buy up to 96 squares! (16 vouchers)
*Price includes free US shipping.
*Price includes mounting hardware.
*Lowest price EVER from Metal Mural!

If I place my order do I have to upload my images now?

No. You can place your order now to take advantage of the special and upload your images later.

Not sure what size MetalMural to order??

For maximum dramatic effect, we recommend a 3' x 4' or larger. But instead of deciding now on what size MetalMural to order, think about how many squares you want to purchase. We can always adjust the size later on, when you choose the image you want displayed. Please note that orders include all of the necessary connecting and wall-mounting hardware required to hang your MetalMural.

Are shipping charges additional?

Free US shipping of one mural is included with each voucer. Shipping charges may apply for orders shipped outside the USA.

How can I get a MetalMural price list?

Just send an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to forward a price list.

Tell me more about Mini MetalMural promotional product.

Bring a smaller sample to your clients without the hassle of carrying and setting up the actual size MetalMural!  Studio Sample MiniMetalMural (4-inch square) is $5.00 per square. Mini MetalMural is also available for resale at $6 per square. Desktop Mini MetalMural stand is available for purchase with/without business card holder for $50.

Do you make MetalMurals using different tile sizes?

We do offer other MetalMural tile sizes starting from 4"x4" to 23"x34". Please email with the size you require for an estimate.

Following are some of the size configurations. MetalMural size is limited only by the size and quality of your image.


Sample Templates

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